Welcome to the Aegean Solidarity Network Team UK. We are a UK registered charity supporting refugees in Greece. ASN Team UK is united in solidarity and well connected in the humanitarian response to the refugee
crisis, we strive to raise money and awareness, and work with grassroot organisations to make a difference to these often traumatised and afflicted peoples lives in Greece. Take a look through our website to see how you
can get involved, donate and find out how your donations are making a difference. “The ethos of ASN-Team UK, helping local grassroots voluntary groups is one I wholeheartedly endorse.”


Inspired by the ways refugees carry personal values throughout their journey we introduce the limited edition ASN collection.   Refugees who travel to the islands often carry important documents in plastic bags. This acts as both protectives and a means of transporting in severe environmental conditions has been embodied by the use of a waterproof material. PVC has been adopted as a starting point in our design, with the purpose to add duality to the journeys of refugees  and the ways in which we carry things of our own in daily life.

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